ESA Evaluation Feed Back

Each year after the annual meeting we ask for your input by asking you to fill out our on-line evaluation.  We use this information to improve the annual meeting experience for you.  Here are some of the major concerns raised by you in the evaluations, and our attempt at improving these issues.

  • Macintosh computers are compatible with our LCD projectors; however you must provide your own VGA dongle to connect to the LCD projectors.  Our audio visual equipment vendor is no longer willing to provide the connecting VGA dongle since they have lost so many when attendees unintentionally walk away with the cords still attached to their computers. 
  • Due to popular demand we will start poster sessions at 4:30 pm a half an hour earlier to give poster session attendees more time to view the posters.  We ask poster presenters to make sure their posters are up in time for the opening of the exhibit hall at 11:30 am Monday through Thursday and by 8 am on Friday.
  • Abstracts will be posted on line at the ESA website at the same time the program is posted on line.  This will give you the opportunity to read abstracts before you get to the annual meeting.
  • The link to the ESA Meeting website can be found on the first page of the ESA website.  Due to browser issues you may need to scroll down to find this link.
  • Annual meeting attendees are allowed to attend, free of charge, any business meeting and social hour listed the program, except those that indicate there is a charge or if the event is listed as “by invitation only”.
  • ESA now uses biodegradable corn based badge holder.  We are always happy to collect your used badge holders at the end of the meeting.  You may drop them off at registration during hours of business.
  • ESA is pleased to be able to provide child care during the meeting.  We shall continue subsidizing this service to our meeting attendees.
  • If you are interested in finding a roommate or in sharing a ride to the annual meeting, please refer to either the registration or student drop down menu and select “Roommate and Share Ride”.  This site will be activated in early April. 
  • ESA would love to be in a position to offer endless coffee throughout the week of the annual meeting.  However, the cost is prohibitive.  Coffee is one of our major meeting expenses.

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