Convention Center

The David L. Lawrence Convention Center is one of the few facilities in the world that is designed to conserve our natural resources while providing the people who work, exhibit and attend events in the building with comfortable surroundings and a healthy environment.

Pittsburgh has been a city with vision and a conscience. Public and private partnerships, which include government, corporate and the philanthropic communities, have transformed the area from a major manufacturing center to a region whose innovations and technological advances impact the world.

David L. Lawrence, who was mayor from 1946 to 1959 orchestrated environmental improvements and created economic stimulators with public-private investments. City leaders joined with the Green Building Alliance to create a new sustainable convention center. It is the first “green” convention center certified with a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating by the US Green Building Council, the national standard for high-performance green buildings. The center was built on an urban Brownfield location. It was designed to conserve energy and natural resources.

Most of the Center’s building materials, which were manufactured within a 500-mile radius of Pittsburgh to reduce the carbon imprint, have a recycled content including low or no-volatile organic compounds.

The minimal exterior lighting reduces light pollution; and the use of exterior reflective material allows for the building to capture existing light.

The unique natural ventilation system, enhanced by the sweeping roof, allows fresh air from over the Allegheny River to enter the halls.

Wastewater from sinks, fountain and faucets is reclaimed and cleaned through an in-house filtering and grey water treatment system for use in restroom commodes.

The Center’s landscaping is indigenous to southwestern Pennsylvania, which eliminated the need for irrigation relying completely on natural rainfall.

An aquifer, located 50 feet beneath the Center, provides makeup water for the refrigeration system’s cooling towers, which reduces the demand on the City’s water supply.

Levy Restaurants, their food service provider, partners in our greening efforts by using locally-grown, organic food and compostable paper products and flatware. Their Chef is growing vegetable and herbs right on the Center’s rooftop terrace.

: David L. Lawrence Convention Center and Gateway Clipper
David L. Lawrence Convention Center and Gateway Clipper