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History of the Section

The Theoretical Ecology Section is one of the most rapidly growing organizations within the Ecological Society of America.
The Section was formed in 1993 to :
    1. Foster theoretical research in all areas of ecology;

    2. Sponsor meetings for the presentation of results;

    3. Foster communication and research collaboration between theoreticians and experimental/field ecologists;

    4. Encourage the application of ecological theory to the resolution of societal problems.

The section sponsors social events and symposia at the annual ESA meetings, to facilitate interaction among new and established theoreticians.

To join us, you must first be a member of ESA. You can enroll online here; alternatively, fill out and mail this form, selecting "Theoretical Ecology" in "Section V". Annual membership dues are only $5.

Nominations for Lotka and Volterra awards at this year's ESA meeting

Dear Attendees of the 2014 ESA Annual Meeting:

The Theoretical Ecology Section of the ESA is proud to announce the thirteenth annual Alfred J. Lotka prize for the best poster and Vito Volterra prize for the best talk given by students during the ESA annual meeting. The award is open to undergraduate and graduate students who, as sole or first author, present a talk or poster at the 2014 ESA annual meeting on original research in theoretical ecology. All suitable approaches that yield theoretical insight to ecological phenomena will be considered. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of merit, originality, and clarity of presentation.

To be considered for either the Lotka award or the Volterra award, students (or their advisors) should notify me by 15 July 2014, providing the following information:

Applicant's name:
Talk or Poster:
Time/Date/Place of presentation/poster:

Please provide this information by email to, and include 'Lotka-Volterra Award' in the subject line.

Please forward this announcement to any students who you know are giving talks or presenting posters on any aspect of theoretical ecology at this year's ESA meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento!

Marissa Baskett
Vice-Chair, Theoretical Ecology Section of the ESA


2014 Annual Meeting

Our mixer and business meeting will be Monday evening, 6:30-8:00. In addition to our usual networking and celebration of award winners, we will have a discussion of ways that the section might support the Society's "Ecology for the New Generation" initiative (, particularly in the area of mentoring students and postdocs.

To help you find interesting theory and modeling talks at the annual meeting in Sacramento, we have added a place on the theory jobs wiki ( where you can list sessions (symposia, OOS, etc.) and individual presentations that you think will be of interest to the section membership. The schedule has now been released (; please take a moment to share the presentations that you know about. We will also list the Lotka/Volterra contenders there.

Looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento!

Bruce Kendall, Chair
Marissa Baskett, Vice-Chair
Masami Fujiwara, Secretary
Emily Moberg, Student Liaison

Last updated on: June 3, 2014
Masami Fujiwara

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