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History of the Section

The Theoretical Ecology Section is one of the most rapidly growing organizations within the Ecological Society of America.
The Section was formed in 1993 to :
    1. Foster theoretical research in all areas of ecology;

    2. Sponsor meetings for the presentation of results;

    3. Foster communication and research collaboration between theoreticians and experimental/field ecologists;

    4. Encourage the application of ecological theory to the resolution of societal problems.

The section sponsors social events and symposia at the annual ESA meetings, to facilitate interaction among new and established theoreticians.

To join us, you must first be a member of ESA. You can enroll online here; alternatively, fill out and mail this form, selecting "Theoretical Ecology" in "Section V". Annual membership dues are only $5.

Dear members of ESA's Theory Section,

I am delighted to announce this year's winners of the Lotka and Volterra Awards for the best theoretical poster and talk presentations, respectively!

Julie Rushmore received the Volterra Award for her podium talk entitled “Network-based vaccination improves prospects for disease control in wild chimpanzee.”

Jaime Ashander received the Lotka Award for his poster presentation entitled “Understanding the joint effects of plastic and evolutionary change on demography from time series data.”

Congratulations to both of them for clearly presenting interesting and original research, and looking forward to seeing their future contributions to ecological theory.

All the best,

Bruce Kendall
Chair, Theoretical Ecology Section of the ESA

Last updated on: January 10, 2013
Masami Fujiwara

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