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Symposia and Organized Oral Listing

Title Organizers
A “New” Paradigm for Community Ecology: Building From Functional Ecology Brian McGill, Brian Enquist
Biological Invasions: Species Exchanges Between Eastern Asia and North America Young Choi, Richard Mack, Shili Maio, Harbin Li
Complex Interactions Between Human Population and the Environment: Integrating Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Ecological Perspectives Jianguo (Jack) Liu, Rebecca Clark
Cultural and Environmental Controls on Past Fire Regimes in Inhabited Woodlands Bryan Shuman, Emily Heyerdahl
Digging deeper or scratching the surface? Exploring ecological theories in urban soils Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, Loren Byrne
Disease Ecology and Declining Populations: Analyzing and Predicting Disease in Sensitive Populations Liz Harp, Jeffrey Lake
Echoes from the Past: Remote Sensing of Land-use Legacies and their impact on Ecosystem Function Steven Hamburg, John Mustard
Ecohydrology: Towards an Ecologically Meaningful Water Budget. David Breshears, Osvaldo Sala
Ecological implications of fuel reduction treatments to reduce fire hazard in forested landscapes. Eric Knapp, Jon Keeley, James McIver
Ecological Implications of Phenotypic Plasticity. Benjamin Miner, James Vonesh, Mike McCoy
Ecological Recovery After the 1980 Eruptions of Mount St. Helens. Virginia Dale, Frederick Swanson, Charles Crisafulli
Ecological Theory and Rangeland Sustainability: Local Strategies, Global Solutions Elizabeth King, Jeffrey Herrick, Jacoby Carter
Exotic species: a source of insight into ecology, evolution and biogeography Dov Sax, John Stachowicz
Family Dynamics. Michael Neubert, Joan Roughgarden
Fighting the odds: the challenge to save the sagebrush biome. Clifford Duke, Steven Knick
Frontiers in the Biogeosciences: Ecology and the Earth Sciences. Alan Townsend, Jason Neff
Functional significance of mountain biodiversity. William Bowman
Geographical Ecology: Variation in and Control of Species Interaction Intensity Over Regional and Global Scales Bruce Menge, Sergio Navarrete.
In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark: Rediscovering Earth from land to sea - a Biogeoscience perspective Pallaoor Sundareshwar, Connie Crandall, James Elser
Is Microbial Ecology Fundamentally Different? New Insights into Patterns and Controls of Microbial diversity M. Claire Horner-Devine, Brendan Bohannan
Phylogenetic Approaches to Community Ecology. Campbell Webb, Jonathan Losos.
Resistance, Resilience, and Multiple Stable States: Defining Endpoints and Recovery Pathways for Damaged Ecosystems. Daniel Sarr, Paul Hosten
The Evolution of Ecology in Mexico: Research Challenges and the Role of Mexico-US Collaboration Marisa Martinez, Robert Manson, Patricia Balvanera
Un-Plowing the Land: Restoring Agroecosystem Health and Function. Lisa Schulte, Heidi Asbjornsen, Matt Liebman, David Andow, Tom Crow, Alison Power
Organized Oral Sessions
Title Organizers
Anthropogenic Disturbances to Western Alpine Lakes: Past, Present, & Future Jasmine Saros, Craig Williamson
Biocomplexity Scaling: An Ecological Perspective Madhur Anand, Frederic Guichard
Biological invasions: model systems for studying rapid evolution Heather Davis, Michael Blum
Coarse Woody Debris: Lessons Learned, Current Knowledge and Future Directions. Kristine Metzger, Daniel Tinker, Monica Turner
Community Stewardship Organizations: Potential Laboratories for Ecological Research Fred Bosselman, William Shaw, John Shepard
Ecological Implications of Phenotypic Plasticity Michael McCoy, James Vonesh, Benjamin Miner
Ecological insights from long-term studies in environmental biology Saran Twombly, Michael Bowers
Emerging approaches for the analysis of stochastic ecological data: dealing with multiple error sources, hidden states, complex non-linearities, and uncertainty. Eli Holmes
Estimating carbon dynamics in forested and deforested landscapes of Costa Rica Flint Hughes, Boone Kauffman, Alex Pfaff
Exotic species invasion dynamics: Who, what, when, where, and why? Susan Beatty
Exploring an Invasion From Molecules to Landscapes: Nonindigenous Cordgrass in Pacific Estuaries Debra Ayres, Sally Hacker
Forest Canopies as Participants in Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology Nalini Nadkarni, David Shaw
From Idea to Reality: Applied Science and Ecological Problem Solving in the National Forest System Hugh Safford, Tom DeMeo, Richard Holthausen,
Genetic Explorations of the Seascape: Using Molecules and Experiments to Understand Marine Biodiversity Erik Sotka, Robert Thacker
Human Ecosystems: Trajectories, Information, and Organization John Stepp, David Casagrande
Impacts of Urbanization on Plants and Animals Roarke Donnelly, Matthias Leu
Indicators for Monitoring the Health of USA Forests Susan Will-Wolf, Christopher Woodall
Integrating Approaches to Connectivity: Landscapes, Patches & Networks Christopher Brooks, Nick Haddad
Interannual Climate Variability: How temporal signatures can drive ecosystem processes Linda Wallace, Jay Arnone
Invasive Ecosystem Engineers in the West: Effects on Community Function Elizabeth Brusati, John Lambrinos
History and ecology interdisciplinary tools for investigating human-ecosystem interactions Andrea Laliberte, William Ripple
Linking Individual Behavior and Population Ecology: Models, Theory, and Applications Steven Railsback, Roland Lamberson, Volker Grimm, Uta Berger
Linking Species Level Processes to Ecosystem Level Change: Climate Change and Insect Pest Disturbance Dennis Ojima, Jesse Logan
Looking Before We Leap: Emerging Technologies and Approaches for Managing Federal Lands and Public Waterways William Goran, Harold Balbach, Robert Holst
Natural Enemy Escape as a Mode of Exotic Species Invasions: Theory, Evidence, and Implications Steven Franks, Paul Pratt
OOS 15: Education: Environmental Justice Leanne Jablonski, Charles Nilon
Organic N Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems: A Synthesis of Current Knowledge with Implications for Future Research Adrien Finzi
Organisms as Ecosystem Engineers: Conceptual Progress, Limits and Challenges Justin Wright, Clive Jones
Parasites and host social organization Sonia Altizer, Charles Nunn
Partners in Diversity - Mycorrhizas and Oaks Caroline Bledsoe, Ian Dickie
Recovery of Rare Species and Communities in Pacific Northwest Prairies and Oak Woodlands Peter Dunwiddie, Scott Pearson, Tom Kaye
Restoration effects of fire and thinning treatments on mixed-conifer ecosystems Malcolm North, Jim Innes
The Mechanics of Integrating Ecological Science and Public Policy Kathleen Weathers, Tanya Rios, Kathy Fallon-Lambert
Valuation of Ecological Resources: Integration of Ecology and Socio-economics to Inform Environmental Decisions Lawrence Kapustka, Ralph Stahl
Incorporating Ecological Science in the Northwest Forest Plan: Evolution, Application, and Effectiveness of the Plan Jerry Franklin
Innovations in Technology Transfer of Science Information to Policy and Decision-makers in the Pacific Northwest Becky Gravenmier, Cindy Miner
Human Dominated Ecosystems: Opportunities and Challenges for Ecology Marina Alberti, Jeff Hepinstall

89th Annual Meeting

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