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ESA 89th Annual Meeting Portland, Oregon, August 2004
Abstract Submission Fee Form

Please read the information below carefully and thoroughly before completing this form.

In order to discourage post-scheduling abstract withdrawals, last-minute cancellations, and no-shows, the Ecological Society of America requires payment of an Abstract Submission Fee for each abstract submitted for presentation at the ESA 89th Annual Meeting to be held in Portland, Oregon, in August 2004. Beginning this year 2004, the submission fee for each poster presentation abstract is $25.00, and the submission fee for each oral paper, organized oral session paper, or symposium talk is $40.00.

While ESA considers the abstract presenter to be responsible for the Abstract Submission Fee, another individual may provide the payment. Your payment of the appropriate Abstract Submission Fee must be received and documented before your abstract will be accepted for presentation. However, please note that payment does not guarantee abstract acceptance. In addition, neither submission of an abstract nor payment of an Abstract Submission Fee will automatically register you to attend the ESA 89th Annual Meeting. You must complete and submit a separate Meeting Registration Form to register to attend the meeting in order to present your poster presentation, oral paper, organized oral session paper, or symposium talk. (Meeting registration will open in May 2004 - early bird deadline for registration is Thursday, June 17, 2004.)

You will be entitled to a refund of your Abstract Submission Fee only if you withdrawn your abstract prior to May 1, 2004. Unlike in past years, the fee will not be applied as a credit against your meeting registration fees and no refund of the Abstract Submission Fee will be issued for any abstract withdrawn after the May 1, 2004 cancellation deadline. Under certain extenuating circumstances (e.g., medical emergency, death in the family, or inability to obtain travel visa), an exception to the refund policy may be granted. However, even in such instances, you are expected to notify ESA of the cancellation prior to the start of the Annual Meeting and exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis with refund processing taking place after the meeting.

The deadline for submission of both the abstract and the Abstract Submission Fee is 5 PM Eastern Standard Time March 1, 2004. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the ESA Program Chair for the meeting. After verifying payment of the Abstract Submission Fee, the ESA Program Chair will notify you whether your abstract has been accepted, rejected, or requires revision in order to be accepted. Please note that only one abstract submission will be accepted per primary author. However, you may be a secondary author for additional abstracts submitted.

Before completing this Abstract Submission Fee Form, you must first submit your abstract using the link on the ESA website at Once your abstract has been submitted, you will receive an Abstract Submission Reference Number. To facilitate proper linking of your Abstract Submission Fee payment to your abstract submission, enter that number in the space indicated on this Abstract Submission Fee Form. Please do not submit either your abstract or your Abstract Submission Fee Form more than once.

Each Abstract Submission Fee Form must be accompanied by full payment of either a $40.00 or a $25.00 Abstract Submission Fee. Completed forms may be faxed to ESA Headquarters at (202) 833-8775 or mailed to the Ecological Society of America, ATTN: ESA 89th Annual Meeting Abstract Submission Fee, Department 0666, Washington, DC 20073. If paying by check or money order, your completed form must be returned by mail. (Credit card payment is also accepted by mail.) If completing the electronic version of the Abstract Submission Fee Form online or submitting a hard copy of the Form by fax, your payment must be made by credit card.

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89th Annual Meeting


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