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Invasive seaweed shelters tiny native critters on Georgia mudflats

On the tidal mudflats of Georgia and South Carolina, the red Japanese...

Old forests store new nitrogen–and may soak up nutrient excesses

Ecologists working in central Pennsylvania forests have found that forest...

The role of ecology in natural resource management decision-making

Science has an important role to play in helping to inform policy decisions...

Water rises, cattle graze, dunes walk on the Kalahari

There is water under the dry sands of the Kalahari. Perversely, this gift has lead to a cycle of land degradation.

River Flow By Design: Environmental Flows Support Ecosystem Services In Rivers Natural And Novel

“When the sun peeped over the Sierra Madre, it slanted across a hundred miles of lovely desolation, a vast flat bowl of wilderness rimmed by jagged peaks. On the map the Delta was bisected by the river, but in fact the river was nowhere and everywhere, for he could not decide which of a hundred green lagoons offered the most pleasant and least speedy path to the Gulf.”

ESA Policy News October 8: Obama designates world’s largest marine reserve, Science committee reviews NSF grants

Here are some highlights from the latest ESA Policy News by Policy Analyst...