Talking Story: Using narrative to bring ecology home


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From Informing Policy to Dancing the Albedo


The Many Faces of Interdisciplinary Science Many scientists are engaged in finding solutions to society’s challenges, but implementing these solutions often requires input from a variety of other disciplines and stakeholders. Dr. Jason Neff has devoted a great deal of Read more ›

Inside the Environmental Protection Agency


Dr. Rick Haeuber, formerly with the Ecological Society of America’s Science Programs Office, now leads the Assessment and Communications Branch at the Clean Air Markets Division of the Environmental Protection Agency. Here he discusses the role of science in Washington, Read more ›

Bridging Ecology and Public Policy


Dr. Rich Pouyat has worked in both ecology and public policy – in this episode of The Ecologist Goes to Washington, he discusses his experience as a liaison between these seemingly disparate fields, and reflects on its challenges and rewards. Read more ›