Communicating Climate Change


As Washington prepares to address climate change, how can ecologists ensure that public and private decision-makers have all the necessary scientific information? Dr. Tony Janetos, director of the Joint Global Change Research Institute, discusses the challenges and responsibilities of communicating Read more ›

Inside the Environmental Protection Agency


Dr. Rick Haeuber, formerly with the Ecological Society of America‚Äôs Science Programs Office, now leads the Assessment and Communications Branch at the Clean Air Markets Division of the Environmental Protection Agency. Here he discusses the role of science in Washington, Read more ›

Perspectives on Policy from ESA’s President, Norm Christensen


Dr. Norm Christensen, ESA’s President, recounts how he first became involved in policy and offers his personal perspectives on how ESA can best navigate policy issues while remaining true to science. He outlines the major ecological issues that the Society Read more ›