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SWISH-BUGS - List of bugs known in Swish-e

Swish-e version 2.4.7

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This file contains a list of bugs reported or known in Swish-e. If you find a bug listed here you do not need to report it as a bug. But feel free to bug the developers about it on the Swish-e discussion list.

Note that this list is imcomplete and may not be up to date.

Bugs in Swish-e version 2.4

  • Stopwords not removed from query with Soundex

    In dev version 2.5.2 noticed that stopwords are not removed from the query when using Soundex. The plan is to rewrite the parser soon... (July 2004)

  • Wild card searching can be very slow

    Wild card searching needs to be optimized.

    Here's a three letter search:

      $ swish-e -w 'tra*' -m1
      # Number of hits: 99952
      # Search time: 5.424 seconds

    Two letters:

      $ swish-e -w 'tr*' -m1
      # Number of hits: 100000
      # Search time: 10.563 seconds

    Single letter search:

      $ swish-e -w 't*' -m1
      # Number of hits: 100000
      # Search time: 510.939 seconds

    and used about 280MB or RAM.

    This is a potential for a DoS attack. If you have a large index you may wish to filter out single character wild cards.

  • Character Encodings

    The XML parser (Expat) returns UTF-8 data to swish-e. Therefore, the XML parser should only be used for parsing US-ASCII encoded text.

    The XML2 & HTML2 parsers (Libxml2) converts characters from UTF-8 to 8859-1 encodings before indexing and writing properties. Indexing non-8859-1 data may result in invalid character mappings.

    These issues will be resolved soon.

  • Phrase search failes with DoubleMetaphone

    DoubleMetaphone searching can produce two search words for a single query word. The words are expanded to (word1 OR word2), but that fails in a phrase query: "some phrase (word1 or word2) here"

    swish-e query parser is due for a rewrite, and this could be resolved then.

        Reported: August 20, 2002 - moseley
  • Merging

    merge.c does not check for matching stopwords or buzzwords in each index.


        Reported: September 3, 2002 - moseley
  • ResultSortOrder

    ResultSort order is not used (and is not documented). The problem is that the data passed to Compare_Properties() does not have access to the ResultSortOrder table.


    Reported: September 3, 2002 - moseley

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