Ecological Society of America

Information for Non-US Registrants

Visa Information

To learn more about the types of travels visas available and procedures for applying to obtain a travel visa, we recommend you access information posted on the US State Department website at There you will find application forms as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions, including “How and where do I apply?”, “What documentation is required?”, “What fees apply?” and “How long will it take to obtain a visa?”

We recommend that if you will require a travel visa to attend the ESA Annual Meeting:

Letter of Invitation

As noted above, if you require a letter of invitation to support your visa application, you must first submit an abstract for presentation or register to attend the Annual Meeting. Once you receive an Abstract Submission Reference Number or a Registration Confirmation Notice, please send your request for a letter of invitation by email to or by fax to the ESA Registrar at 1-202-833-8775. To ensure timely processing, the request must include your:

In the interest of expedience, letters of invitation are typically provided in printable electronic format and sent as an attachment to an email message. However, ESA staff will provide a signed original document by mail upon request.