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In this month’s installment of The Ecologist Goes to Washington, graduate students Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer (UC-Berkeley) and Matthew Trager (U. of Florida) talk about their two-day Capitol Hill experience as winners of the Ecological Society of America’s 2008 Graduate Student Policy Award. The two discuss their impressions and offer some advice to fellow graduate students interested in informing policy with science.

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  1. If you’re a graduate student and ESA member interested in learning
    first-hand about the federal funding ‘game’ that happens every year in
    Washington, DC, you may wish to apply for the Ecological Society of
    America’s Graduate Student Policy Award to attend a two-day Capitol Hill
    event. In these budget-deficit times, the competition for scarce
    federal dollars has grown ever stiffer and ecological scientists must
    make an extra effort to be heard.

    Open to all ESA graduate student members, this award will be given to up
    to two applicants for a special two-day event on April 18 and 19, 2007.
    ESA will cover travel and lodging expenses associated with this event.

    ESA works with several other scientific societies to organize this
    annual event, which is sponsored by the Biological Ecological Sciences
    Coalition (BESC). Awardees will participate in an afternoon of
    briefings from the Administration and Congress. An evening reception
    will feature many other biological scientists, congressional staff, and
    Members of Congress. Day two will feature several team visits with
    congressional offices to advocate for support of the biological

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