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The Soil Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America seeks to promote an understanding of the importance of soil biota among ecologists, soil scientists, and members of related disciplines, to encourage education and research in soil ecology, to sponsor meetings and publications for the communication of research and educational activities in soil ecology, and to increase student participation in the Society.

ESA Soil Ecology Section Officers, 2015-2017:
Dr. Sara Baer, Chair, Southern Illinois University
Dr. Christopher Schadt, Vice-Chair, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Becky Ball, Secretary, Arizona State University

Thanks to section members who joined us at the 2016 ESA meeting in Fort Lauderdale!

Congratulations to our student travel award winners this year: Adam Cobb (Oklahoma State University), Anya Cutler (University of Vermont), Camille Delavaux (Yale University), Laura Mino (Oklahoma State University), Leigh Moorhead (University of Tennessee), Matthew Reid (University of Louisville), Luci Wilson (Oklahoma State University), and Christine Wooliver (University of Tennessee). See the “Awards” tab for more information about the award and how to apply.

A special congratulations to Dr. Peter Groffman, who was awarded this year’s Deborah A. Neher Career Award. This award is given annually to honor one of our members who has made significant contributions to the field of soil ecology and the Soil Ecology Section of ESA. See the “Awards” tab for more information about the award and how to nominate an awardee.IMG_0285

We also held a successful Strategic Planning Workshop and Luncheon, with the goal to include cultivating new ideas to increase member participation and interaction, developing means to sustain successful fundraising for student travel awards, and raising the visibility and impact of the section through outreach and communication. Section members in attendance helped brainstorm action plans for growing membership, continuing fundraising, involving student and early-career soil ecologists, raising visibility, and having broader impacts on society.

Thanks to the students and mentors who participated in the section’s mentoring program!

We’ll see you next year in Portland for ESA 2017!