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USNVC Proceedings

Proceedings of the US National Vegetation Classification


The United States National Vegetation Classification (USNVC) is a dynamic classification, open to revisions as new ecological knowledge becomes available.  Authors can submit editorial changes and proposed revisions to the USNVC Review Board, which maintains an editorial and peer review process for these submissions (the Board is overseen by the ESA Panel on Vegetation Classification).

The Proceedings of the USNVC serves as the official record of approved revisions to the classification, and contains published manuscripts and reports that document the reasoning and evidence behind those changes.

  • For more details on the USNVC Review Board and how to get involved/become an Associate Editor, please contact Don Faber-Langendoen, USNVC Editor-in-Chief at: 
  • To access the federal standard on which the USNVC is based, see FGDC 2008.
  • Click here for a list of the federal and non-federal partners involved in supporting the USNVC.
  • To access the most current list of USNVC types, see