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ESA Annual Meeting 2017: NVC Poster Session

The following posters were presented at the ESA Annual Meeting in an organized poster session (OPS1) titled “U.S. National Vegetation Classification: Advancing the Description and Management of the Nation’s Ecosystems”. For more information, see 

  1. Introduction to the USNVC,VegBank, and the Proceedings- Burke, McKerrow, and Franklin
  2. Development of the automated labeling tools for vegetation sample data and their application to national mapping- Comer and Long
  3. Classifying USFS FIA program plot data to the U.S. National Vegetation Classification- Menard, Faber-Langendoen, Nimerfro, Nelson, Miller, and Pyne
  4. NVC Review Board: Engaging vegetation ecologists in support of the USNVC- Franklin and Faber-Langendoen
  5. Revising the USNVC using quantitative methods and plot data: A case study using longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) vegetation of the southeastern United States- Peet and Palmquist
  6. Cross-walking US Forest Service vegetation types to the US NVC- Tart
  7. North American perspectives: The Canadian and U.S. National Vegetation Classification collaboration- Faber-Langendoen, Baldwin. Keeler-Wolf, Meidinger, Muldavin, and Peet
  8. Vegetation classification for the Mojave Desert Inventory and Monitoring Network of National Parks- Evens, Schulz, Reid, Ratchford, and Sikes
  9. Social and economic benefits of using a standard classification for conservation in California- Keeler-Wolf and Grossman
  10. A data-driven method for assembling map classes from vegetation associations at Mount Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades National Parks- Nielsen and Brunner
  11. The U.S. National Vegetation Classification for dry coniferous forests and woodlands of the southern Appalachian Mountains: A reassessment- Wentworth, Haroon, Israel, Lee, Newberry, Peet, Schafale, and Weakley
  12. Use of the NVC hierarchy to scale the GAP/LANDFIRE National Ecosystems Map Legend- Long, Davidson, Earnhardt, and McKerrow
  13. Classification of Pawnee National Grasslands: Challenges of fitting locally-geographic plot-based classifications into the USNVC- Schiebout, Franklin, Shibit, and Hazlett