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Outreach and Education

Frequently Asked Questions for NVC Users:

The Panel created a user-friendly list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the NVC.  You can view the entire list of FAQs here, to learn find out the following, plus much more:

  • What is the US National Vegetation Classification (USNVC)?
  • What can the USNVC do, and what are its limits?
  • Is the system comprehensive enough to use everywhere?
  • Is the USNVC appropriate for mapping?
  • How can I work with the USNVC when it’s not fully developed?
  • How can the USNVC adapt to changing environments and community composition through time?

NVC Factsheets:

Panel members, in conjunction with staff from federal agencies, have helped to produce a general NVC Factsheet.

Publications about the NVC:

Faber-Langendoen et al, 2017. The EcoVeg Approach in the Americas: Manuscript and Supplements

Panel Presentations and Talks:

Below is a selection of recent presentations given by Panel Members at various meetings:

USNVC and Panel talk presented to the ESA Governing Board (May 2018) (Scott Franklin)

USNVC Presentation to Alaska Geospatial Council, 2018 (Don Faber-Langendoen)

USNVC Talk from Ecological Association of Beijing Meeting, 2015 (Scott Franklin)

Introduction to the US National Vegetation Classification

Using Concepts and Products of the USNVC to Address Agency-Wide Business Needs

Posters about Vegetation Classification and/or the NVC:

History of the ESA Panel on Vegetation Classification and United States National Vegetation Classification System A Permanent, Open‐Access Archive for Vegetation Plot Data

Using Legacy Datasets to Analyze Changes in Vegetation Distribution: Examples and Considerations

A Short History of Vegetation Classification and its Relevance Today

ESA Annual Meeting 2017: NVC Poster Session

Archives from Panel Workshops:

2012 NVC Workshop for Mid-career Managers (Denver, CO)