USNVC Eastern Regional Editors Meeting 2020: Appalachian and Coastal Plain Forests

Revisions to the United States National Vegetation Classification (USNVC) are coordinated and reviewed through the Ecological Society of America (ESA) Vegetation Panel. These revisions are reviewed on an as needed basis. These regionally based meetings convene experts on regional vegetation to go through this rigorous review process. This year, the group reviewed the Appalachian and Coastal Plain Forests.



Regional Editors and Ecologists hard at work!


Over two days, regional editors to the USNVC and ecologists met to discuss proposed revisions to Appalachian Forests and Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain Forests. A small group (10 people) of ecologists from state Heritage Programs (NJ, PA, WV, NC, VA) as well Regional Editors, Senior Ecology NatureServe staff, and ecologists from academia participated in this two-day, three-night retreat at the Center.  The group also got to go hiking through the York River State Park that was nearby.


The largest American Holly tree two of our Veg Panel members, Tom Wentworth and Don Faber-Langendoen have ever seen!


Our Team working at the VCU Rice Center on the Appalachian and Coastal Forests Review. Shout out to our remote contributors as well!


Revisions to these forest types will be posted in future releases of the USNVC ( and NatureServe’s International Vegetation Classification (  Contact Don Faber-Langendoen, USNVC Editor-in-Chief, for more information.