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Vegetation Section Officers

Chair: Kyle Palmquist (

Kyle is a plant ecologist interested in the ecological processes that influence and maintain plant biodiversity. She is particularly interested in asking ecological questions over large spatial scales, ultimately to inform landscape conservation. Kyle received her BS in Biology and Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston and her PhD in Ecology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to joining the Department of Biological Sciences at Marshall University in January 2019, she was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Wyoming.

Vice Chair: Martin Dovčiak (

Martin is an associate professor in plant ecology at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF) in Syracuse. His PhD is from the University of Minnesota and post-doctoral training from the University of Washington-both in forest ecology. His undergraduate degree is in forestry from Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia. Martin’s research focuses on forest plant community responses to multiple interacting global change drivers and on ecological applications in forest ecosystem management.

Secretary/Treasurer: Loretta Battaglia ( )

Student Rep: Andres Andrade (

Andrés is a PhD candidate and NSF Bridge to the Doctorate fellow in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Colorado Denver, where he also received his BS in Biology in 2008. His dissertation research centers on successional development of subalpine understory communities after fire in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, including the influence of microclimate and soil chemistry on plant diversity and community trajectories.

Past Chair: George Malanson (

Prior Vegetation Section Officeholders

Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary / Treasurer
2018-2019 George Malanson Kyle Palmquist Loretta Battaglia
2017-2018 George Malanson Kyle Palmquist Loretta Battaglia
2016-2017 Randy Balice George Malanson Loretta Battaglia
2015-2016 Randy Balice George Malanson Loretta Battaglia
2014-2015 James Moore Randy Balice Loretta Battaglia
2013-2014 James Moore XXXX Loretta Battaglia
2012-2013 Richard Boyce James Moore Loretta Battaglia
2011-2012 Richard Boyce James Moore Loretta Battaglia
2010-2011 Brian McCarthy Richard Boyce Loretta Battaglia
2009-2010 Brian McCarthy Richard Boyce Loretta Battaglia
2008-2009 Mark Fulton Brian McCarthy Loretta Battaglia
2007-2008 Mark Fulton Brian McCarthy Loretta Battaglia
2006-2007 Scott Franklin Mark Fulton Randy Balice
2005-2006 Scott Franklin XXXX Randy Balice
2004-2005 Beverly Collins Scott Franklin Rosine Hall
2003-2004 Beverly Collins XXXX Rosine Hall
2002-2003 Scott Collins XXXX Rosine Hall
2001-2002 Deborah Goldberg Scott Collins Rosine Hall
2000-2001 Diane De Steven Deborah Goldberg Eric Menges
1999-2000 Marilyn Walker Diane De Steven Eric Menges
1998-1999 Julie Denslow Marilyn Walker Janet Keough
1997-1998 Charles Canham Julie Denslow Janet Keough
1996-1997 Joy Zedler Charles Canham David Roberts
1995-1996 Rebecca Sharitz Joy Zedler David Roberts
1994-1995 Michael Barbour Rebecca Sharitz Charles Canham
1993-1994 Paul Harcombe Michael Barbour Charles Canham
1992-1993 George Parker Paul Harcombe David Foster
1991-1992 Robert Peet George Parker David Foster
1990-1991 Dennis Whigham Robert Peet Ron Meyers
1989-1990 Douglas Sprugel Dennis Whigham Ron Meyers
1988-1989 Stewart Pickett Douglas Sprugel Richard Pemble
1987 Norman Christensen Dave Parsons Richard Pemble
1986 Norman Christensen Dave Parsons Michael Barbour
1985 John Vankat Peter White Michael Barbour
1984 John Vankat Peter White Robert Peet