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Past Activities

TEK Section Activities at Past ESA Meetings

ESA 2021 Virtual

  • Symposium 1: “Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Connecting Past and Future, People and Place, and Ways of Knowing”
    Presenters / Panelists:  Dr. Frank Lake, Dr. Melissa Nelson, Dr. Ron Trosper, Gwen Bridge, Moderator:  James Rattling Leaf
  • Special Session 5: “Sense of Place – Vital Connections Tribal Culture & Ecology”
    Organizers:  Frank Lake, James Rattling Leaf; Featuring: Angela Mooney D’Arcy and Teresa Romero
  • Workshop 1: “Reciprocity of Indigenous Knowledge in Ecology Education: Towards a More Inclusive Ecology”
    Workshop leader: Dr. Michelle Montgomery
  • Roundtable: “TEK for A More Inclusive Ecology”  Featuring: Jessa Calderon, Moderator: James Rattling Leaf
  • We also made the arrangements for a Land Acknowledgement and opening prayer offered by Tina Calderon, Gabrielino Tongva and Ventuereño Chumash


ESA 2020 Virtual

  • Symposium: “Honoring the Power of Indigenous Science Data to Revitalize Ecosystems, Communities, and Cultures”  Presenters/panelists: James Rattling Leaf, Sr., Dr. Frank Lake, Dr. Clint Carroll
  • Workshop: “Working Together For A Better Future: How to Establish and Maintain Successful and Durable Partnerships between Indigenous Communities and Non-Indigenous Collaborators”: Panelists: Dr. Julie Thorstenson (NAFWS), Kim Greenwood (NPS), Dr. Serra Hoagland (USFS)
  • Networking Event: “Engaging with Indigenous People” co-moderated by past-president Dr. Laura Huenneke, James Rattling Leaf, and Robert Newman.


ESA 2009:  Albuquerque

Sense of Place: Honoring the Ecological Knowledge of New Mexico Indigenous Communities. (Special Session 4).

Symposium 3: Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities, Locally and Globally.
TEK Section Business Meeting:

Workshop 22: – Environmental Justice in Ecology Curricula and Community Engagement.

Field Trip 12: Field Trip to Jemez Pueblo to Observe Corn Dances.

Field Trip 6: Ecology in Agriculture of Pueblo and Acequia communities.

Field Trip 13: Songs Sustaining Seeds – Santo Domingo Pueblo, Harvest Dance.

ESA 2008: Milwaukee, WI
Special Session #6: Sense of Place
Special Session #11: Wild Rice Roundtable Discussion
ESA Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section Business Mtg
OOS 14 – Ecological Education Furthering Environmental Justice
Poster 87-151 – Native Wild Rice Coalition�s cultural and ecological restoration

ESA 2007: San Jose, CA
Special Session #15: Sense of Place
Special Session #23: Bridging Western Science and Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge Ethically: What Works and What Doesn�t
Special Session #28: Restoration to Sustainable Landscapes: Building a Partnership Between Scientific, Traditional, and Local Ecological Knowledge
ESA Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section Meeting

ESA 2006: Memphis, Tennessee
Special Session #5: Sense of place
ESA Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section Brown-Bag Lunch

ESA 2005: Montreal, Canada
Special Session #2: Sense of Place: Indigenous homelands of eastern Canada
Contributed Oral Session 2: Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section Brown – Bag Lunch Business Meeting

2004 TEK Section News

ESA 2004: Portland, Oregon
Special Session #4: Sense of Place: Indigenous Homelands of the Pacific Northwest
Oral Session 17: Traditional Ecological Knowledge.
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section Brown – Bag Lunch Business Meeting

ESA 2003: Savannah, Georgia
Special Session #6: A Sense of Place – Traditional Ecological Knowledge Among Southeastern Native American Tribes
ESA Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section Brown Bag Lunch

ESA 2002: Tucson, Arizona
Oral Session #50: Traditional Ecological Knowledge

ESA 2001: Madison, Wisconsin
Workshop #18: Traditional Ecological Knowledge.