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Upcoming Events

Important Upcoming Events

Recurring: Student Spotlight!
Would you like to be nominated on our website and socials? Are you interested in making yourself known in the ESA Student Section? Please nominate yourself or a friend to be part of our Student Spotlight. Examples of what this spotlight will look like can be seen here, and if interested, please apply using this link!
2023 Logo Contest

This event is focused on showcasing our section member’s art through a logo-making contest. With an open deadline (until further notice), students are encouraged to participate in making our new logo! Prizes to be expected.

If interested, please submit your art here.

Orientation for the Symposium Week Live Q&A on July 24th, 2023

3.00 PM ET to 4.00 PM ET

Welcome to the 2023 Students & Careers Resource Symposium! In this session, you will be given an overview of the symposium week, the ESA Student Services Program, sessions during the week, and opportunities available for attendees (mock interviews and presentations). More information coming soon!