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Our 2021 Annual Meeting is underway! Join us

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2021 Students & Careers Resource Symposium

This event will feature multiple sessions, workshops, and panel discussions all focused on career resources for students in Ecology, Biology, and related fields. 

Through the week, you will engage with professionals and peers from multiple career paths and hear their stories. Each day the sessions will surround a single theme. 

You will sign in individually for each day through the forms linked in the program below (For sessions only; mock interviews and presentations require a separate sign-up found after the program). Click on the header for each day to sign up!

Monday, January 25th – Research

Orientation for the Symposium Week Live Q&A

3.00 PM ET to 4.00 PM ET

Welcome to the 2021 Students & Careers Resource Symposium! In this session, you will be given an overview of the symposium week, the ESA Student Services Program, sessions during the week, and opportunities available for attendees (mock interviews and presentations).

Benefits of Research

4.00 PM ET to 5.00 PM ET

Moderator: Cesar Estien

Panelists: Jeremy Collings, Ajisha Alwin, Zulay Rodriguez, Ashley Dawdy

The session will provide an understanding of the value of being a student researcher as a scientist. Our goal is to expose attendees to different opportunities, discuss the benefits of conducting research, and highlight some work from early-career researchers. There will be a Live Q&A as part of this session.