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Our 2021 Annual Meeting is underway! Join us

ESA 2020 Annual Meeting Facebook Events


Group Chat and Discussions for the Annual Meeting (AM)

Join our Facebook group to join the discussion about #ESA2020. Find sessions, chat about topics, ask questions, and connect with attendees of the ESA 2020 Annual Meeting!

Use the tag #ESA2020 to start a conversation!

Click here to join the ESA Student Section Facebook group.

Live Chatrooms at the end of each day!

There will be Live chatrooms at 6:30 PM EST every day after our Student Highlights event during the 2020 Annual Meeting. Join us to chat, answer questions, and discuss the Annual meeting. 

Click here to join the ESA Student Section Facebook Page for more info and to access the chatrooms.

ESA Student Section Statement of Conduct

The ESA Student Section seeks to provide and maintain a safe and supportive environment throughout the annual meeting. The Student Section serves a diverse student community and strives to provide a tolerant atmosphere for everyone, thus, we expect all attendees to maintain this environment. Please express your thoughts and opinions in a way that is courteous and respectful to everyone. This includes, but is not limited to online chat rooms, breakout rooms, and all events throughout the meeting. Help us, make the ESA Virtual 2020 meeting, a great experience for everyone!