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Centennial Fellowship

Centennial Fellowship

Project Description

In celebration of the Ecological Society of America’s 100th Anniversary, the ESA Student Section is proud to offer the Centennial Graduate Student Fellowship Program to outstanding graduate students interested in fostering public understanding and appreciation of ecological research and in encouraging pre-college students to consider research careers in ecology. Up to five Centennial Graduate Student Fellows will be selected and awarded a monetary fellowship of $500 each. The deadline has been extended to June 5th, 2015 5pm eastern time


Fellows will be required to give a minimum of four general public presentations regarding ecology. Presentations will be structured to include the ‘Ecological Tenets’ being developed by the Council for Diversity and Education (CDE) and promote the ESA Centennial in the months leading up to the annual meeting in Baltimore.


In preparation for their presentations, fellows will meet with senior ESA student section members and members of the CDE to develop broad ecological presentations to be given to local community groups and K-12 schools. Fellows will create talks and meet with the CDE for a training workshop (or webinar) that will focus on how to successfully communicate ecological science to the public. Fellows will also be given tools to assess audience perception of ecological science prior to and following student fellow presentations.


Following their presentations, Fellows will be required put together a blog post for the ESA Student Section website to share their experiences, including the successes and hurdles they encountered in bridging the gap between science and the public. Fellows will be required  to participate in the ESA Student Section Business Meeting at the Annual Meeting in Baltimore, where their experiences and program results will be presented and discussed.

This new frontier of promoting ecology to students before entering college programs is an area that the Student Section is very excited about. It is our hope that this fellowship program will reach a large number of people in the region surrounding the conference, and provide direction for future efforts promoting the communication of ecological science and the role of the ESA to the public.


  • Develop community relationships between ecologists and the public.

  • Foster public understanding and appreciation of ecological research.

  • Encouraging pre-college students to consider research careers in ecology.

  • Create opportunities for ecologists to develop and practice skills needed to successfully communicate ecological science to the public.

  • Integrate ecologists into real world community-based education and outreach.  

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be enrolled in an accredited graduate institution from the ‘region’ surrounding Baltimore (Philadelphia south to Richmond).

  • Have strong academic qualifications.

  • Have academic and/or career goals focused on fostering public understanding and appreciation of ecological research and encouraging K-12 students to consider research careers in ecology.

Application Requirements

  • Send something that demonstrates their communication to the public (YouTube Video; Blog; Podcast; Science pub for general audience; Film yourself giving a talk). Minimum we need to see an example of your powerpoint and outline of your talk.

  • 2 Letters of rec. Idealy one from someone who can talk about their communication abilities with the public/broader reach, could be a non-academic person.

  • Cover letter – describe who your going to give the talks too. Describe that relationship and potential timeline.

  • CV


Application deadline Friday June 5th. Please submit all inquiries and application materials to Applications should be in one email with the subject heading “2015 Centennial Fellowship Application”.