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Meet our Governing Board

“I became chair of the Student Section and it changed my life. In this position, I felt like a part of the scientific community, instead of just an apprentice to it.”

— Jenny Talbot, 2008 Chair of the Student Section

2021-2022 Governing Board

Coral del Mar Valle-Rodríguez: Chair

Bio:  I am a bachelor’s graduate from Hunter CUNY and I am working as an assistant researcher at Dr. Xu’s lab at Cornell as well as in the solar field with a nonprofit called Solar One. My research interests focus on studying human disturbances in forests using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. In my free time, I like to wander through New York City, read, and fish.

Your role and goals: As the current chair of the ESA SS, my responsibility includes overseeing and contributing to all of the activities throughout the student section and serving as an instrument to all members of the section. As a leader of the section, my goal is to create an inclusive space for students regardless of their backgrounds. Through this position, I hope to foster the next generation of ecologists and allow students to feel welcomed in the field.

Kayode Oshinubi: Vice Chair

Bio: I am currently a visiting researcher at Bielefeld University in Germany, where I am working on the Modeling of complex population dynamics in ecology and evolution project at the department of theoretical biology. My PhD research at the Université Grenoble Alpes in France focuses on disease modeling using a mathematical and statistical approach, with applications to the current global pandemic (COVID-19 disease). Disease Ecology, Disease Modeling, Computational Epidemiology, Applied Mathematics, and Biostatistics are some of my research interests. My hobbies include traveling, reading, and playing table tennis.

Your role and goals: My role as vice chair is to communicate with student liaisons, support our other Chair members, and learn the Chair’s responsibilities. I will work to increase the association’s inclusiveness and diversity while also bringing in new ideas and initiatives

Katherine Charton: Secretary

Bio:  I am a fourth year PhD Candidate studying plant community ecology. More specifically, my current research considers the intersection of climate and disturbance in tallgrass prairie using field experimentation. I previously worked in upland scrub and coastal chaparral and remain a sucker for just about any open-canopied and fire-adapted ecosystem. I enjoy collaborating with agencies and non-profits to ask applied research questions that feedback into policy and management decision-making and hope for a long-term career at this intersection. In addition to science and plants, I love fiction, cross-stitching, board games, my cats, and being in/on any body of water for as much of the year as I can tolerate the Wisconsin cold.

Your role and goals: I will bring the diligent organization of my personal and professional life – along with a whole lot of enthusiasm – into my role as Secretary. I will coordinate bi-weekly board meetings and keep meeting minutes, as well as plan the Student Mixer for this year’s societal meeting. My goal is to maintain the Student Section’s commitment to making all students feel comfortable and welcome at the annual meeting – especially first-time attendees. I look forward to giving back to our section and the society as a whole!

Vasavi Prakash: Treasurer

Bio: Hi, My name is Vasavi Prakash, and I am a doctoral Candidate at Auburn University. I hail from India and have been a member of ESA and the Student Section for the past 3 years. I love traveling, meeting new people, and photography! 

Your role and goals: My role is to manage finances for the Student Section and communicate with ESA’s Chief Financial Officer.

Bogdan Nagle: Social Media and Webmaster

Bio: My name is Bogdan, I am an ecological educator, who will begin a Master’s program in 2023. I am originally from Ukraine but have lived here in the US most of my life. I have a goal to become a veterinarian. I like creating synthesizer music, creating short films, and caring for animals. 

Your role and goals: I will be working as webmaster, creating posts, collaborating with other board members, and handling the website.

Past Governing Boards


Josette McLean: Chair

Coral del Ma Valle Rodríguez: Vice-chair

Alicia Thomas: Secretary

Madison Griffin: Treasurer

Aubrey Tingler: Social Media and Webmaster


Callie Oldfield: Chair

Josette McLean: Vice-Chair

Arona Bender: Secretary

Janelle Layton: Treasurer

Ajisha Alwin: Social Media and Webmaster


Anjali Boyd: Chair

Callie Oldfield: Vice-Chair

Josette McLean: Secretary

Vanessa Blevines: Treasurer

Ajisha Alwin: Marketing/Outreach Director


Rob Crystal-Ornelas: Chair

Anjali Boyd: Vice-Chair

Emily Ernst: Secretary

Greg Chorak: Treasurer

Luke Lamb-Wotton: Webmaster


Kelsey Fisher: Chair

Rob Crystal-Ornelas: Vice-Chair

Luke Lamb-Wotton: Secretary

Greg Chorak: Treasurer

Leo Calle: Webmaster


Josh Scholl: Chair

Kelsey Fisher: Vice Chair

Anna Groves: Secretary

Rob Pecchia: Treasurer

Amanda Sorensen: Co-Webmaster

Leo Calle: Co-Webmaster


Winslow Hansen: Chair

Josh Scholl: Vice Chair

Kristin Michels: Co-Secretary

Jessica Klassen: Co-Secretary

Kelsey Fisher: Treasurer

Kika Tarsi Tuff: Webmaster


Dane Ward: Co-Chair

Kate Gallagher: Co-Chair

Winslow Hansen: Vice Chair

Nicole Boone: Secretary

Josh Scholl: Treasurer


Kika Tarsi Tuff: Chair

Dane Ward: Co-Vice Chair

Kate Gallagher: Co-Vice Chair

Dayani Pieri: Secretary

Josh Scholl: Treasurer


Joey Bernhardt: Chair

Kika Tarsi Tuff: Vice Chair

Dayani Pieri: Secretary

Josh Scholl: Treasurer


Jorge Ramos: Chair

Joey Bernhardt: Vice Chair

Dayani Pieri: Secretary


Naupaka Zimmerman: Chair

Jorge Ramos: Vice Chair

Dayani Pieri: Secretary


Jenny Talbot: Chair

“The biggest surprise of being an officer of the Student Section was discovering just how powerful, respected and integral we are to the Society as a whole […]. It is stimulating to be a part of a group of intellectual and creative minds that work together to get things done. ”

— Andréa Kuchy, 2011 Vice-Chair of the Student Section