Elliot Cameron- Oregon State University

Elliot enjoyed a fulfilling eight-year teaching career, educating high school students about environmental science. However, driven by a strong desire to align their career with their passions, he decided to pursue his childhood dreams of working in wildlife conservation. Currently enrolled as a student at Oregon State University, he is actively pursuing a Master of Science degree. Elliot’s research focuses on studying two myxozoan parasites that impact salmonids in the Klamath River basin. Specifically, he investigates the distribution of these parasites by collecting benthic annelids, which serve as hosts. Their findings will contribute valuable insights for salmon repopulation efforts, particularly in the area between the decommissioned hydroelectric dams.

In addition, Elliot volunteers as a diver with Reef Check Oregon, conducting surveys in coastal kelp forests. His fascination with invertebrates drives their passion for working with these captivating creatures. Upon graduation, his interests lie in fish and invertebrate conservation, as well as data-driven decision-making for resource management. Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Elliot finds joy in hiking with his rescue dog. He has explored trails in the Oregon Cascades and embarked on backpacking adventures in Peru and Iceland. Elliot can be found on LinkedIn.

Elliot’s Instagram: @elliottxplores