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Our 2021 Annual Meeting is underway! Join us

2021 Students & Careers Resource Symposium

Welcome to the event page for our first Students & Careers Resource Symposium!

This event will feature multiple sessions, workshops, and panel discussions all focused on career resources for students in Ecology, Biology, and related fields. 

Through the week, you will engage with professionals and peers from multiple career paths and hear their stories. Each day the sessions will surround a single theme. 

You will sign in individually for each day through the forms linked in the program below (For sessions only; mock interviews and presentations require a separate sign-up found after the program). Click on the header for each day to sign up!


Program Overview

Monday, January 25th – Research

Orientation for the Symposium Week Live Q&A

3.00 PM ET to 4.00 PM ET

Welcome to the 2021 Students & Careers Resource Symposium! In this session, you will be given an overview of the symposium week, the ESA Student Services Program, sessions during the week, and opportunities available for attendees (mock interviews and presentations).

Benefits of Research

4.00 PM ET to 5.00 PM ET

Moderator: Cesar Estien

Panelists: Jeremy Collings, Ajisha Alwin, Zulay Rodriguez, Ashley Dawdy

The session will provide an understanding of the value of being a student researcher as a scientist. Our goal is to expose attendees to different opportunities, discuss the benefits of conducting research, and highlight some work from early-career researchers. There will be a Live Q&A as part of this session. 


Tuesday, January 26th – Science Communication

Life as a Science Communicator

3.00 PM ET to 4.00 PM ET

Speakers: Eli Myron and Dr. Fernando Garcia-Bastidas

During this session, listen to a panel of individuals discuss their journey as science communicators, the benefits of communicating one’s science, and their motivation and success in doing this. There will be a Live Q&A as part of this session. 

Using Social Media as a Scientist

4.00 PM ET to 5.00 PM ET

Speakers: Eli Myron, Tyus Williams, Ajisha Alwin

Science communication is an important part of being a scientist and part of that comes with learning how to adjust one’s language and approach to science communication with the social media platform you are using. The session will provide attendees with information on how to best use social media to engage with their audience and make professional connections. Join us to learn more about using YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a scientist. There will be a Live Q&A as part of this session.

Academic Blogging Workshop

5.00 PM ET to 6.00 PM ET

Speaker: Christine Valentine

Have you been thinking of starting a blog or want to know more about academic blogging? Join us in this session with guest speaker Christine Valentine to learn pointers in creating and maintaining an academic blog. Since this session will be a workshop, we ask that attendees come prepared with specific questions for Christine to answer. Please watch the YouTube video on Academic Blogging from our ‘How to?’ webinar series before attending this session.

Wednesday, January 27th – Graduate School

Getting paid to go to graduate school in ecology/biology: research fellowships

5.00 PM ET to 6.00 PM ET

Speakers: Callie Oldfield, Eli Myron, and Jordi Rivera-Prince

Many graduate programs offer accepted students funding in the form of teaching or research assistantships. Learn about these and several competitive funding opportunities, including the NSF GRFP, Fulbright, and Ford Foundation Fellowship from awardees. For each fellowship, you will have the opportunity to speak to an award winner in a breakout room.

The ins and outs of scientific publishing for students

6.00 PM ET to 7.00 PM ET

Moderator: Mahal Bugay

Speakers: Zsolt Silberer, Ed Johnson, Sara Baer, Rich Wallace

Through publishing research, you establish yourself as a leader in ecology. Publishing gives you a leg up in graduate and fellowship applications, but how exactly does the process work? Hear from the ESA Publications Committee as they describe the process and how you can craft a successful manuscript. There will be a Live Q&A as part of this session.


Thursday, January 28th – Careers in Ecology

Exploring different career pathways in ecology

4.00 PM ET to 6.00 PM ET

Moderator: Arona Bender

Speakers: Isa Valdez, Richard Pouyat, Dr. Nia Morales, Dr. Sam Davis

During this session, listen to a panel of individuals discuss the variety of careers that the field of ecology has to offer. Hear about careers in academia and opportunities at Nonprofits, Government Agencies, and the Private Sector. There will be a Live Q&A as part of this session.


Friday, January 29th – International Students

International Student Opportunities

4.00 PM ET to 5.00 PM ET

Moderator: Josette McLean

Speakers: Dr. Anny Chung, Dr. Barnabas Daru, and Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi 

The panelists will talk about their experience in their careers and tips/pointers they have for students trying to navigate their careers outside their country. Scholarship and funding opportunities for international students will also be discussed during this session. There will be a Live Q&A as part of this session.

Closing Session / Social

5.00 PM ET to 6.00 PM ET

Join us for a fun social to network with members of the Section and other symposium attendees. There will also be trivia!


Mock Interviews and Presentations 

During the symposium, attendees will also have the opportunity to sign up for mock interviews and presentations. Please note that depending on availability, preference will be given to current students and recent graduates (within 1 year of graduation). To sign up for a mock interview or presentation, please click here.
If you are interested in being reviewers and conduct mock interviews/presentations, please sign up here.  Students are also eligible to be reviewers at their peer levels. 
For questions or reporting any issues relating to the symposium event, please email or email our Program Director, Ajisha Alwin at