Elisabeth A Maxwell UofMaine

M.Sc. Marine biology & M.Sc. Marine policy; University of Maine
December 2017 graduate

Elisabeth recently graduated from the dual-degree masters program through the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine. Her research focused on the soft-shell clam industry, which is one of Maine’s most valuable commercial marine fisheries. Elisabeth’s marine policy research assessed the variation in this management system. While commercial landings have been relatively stable over the past few decades, the industry faces a number of threats including ocean and coastal acidification. Elisabeth’s marine biology research evaluate the effectiveness of adding crushed calcium carbonate to a mudflat in order to increase settlement density of juvenile clams. More broadly, Elisabeth is interested in fisheries management, sustainable resource use, wildlife conservation, and ocean exploration. She is an experienced scientific diver and recently started training with her dog, Athena, to learn how to run agility courses. As someone who has a hard time focusing on a single issue, Elisabeth is always excited to discuss social and environmental concerns as long as the conversation includes strategies for moving forward in a positive and sustainable manner. 
Website: https://eamaxwell.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @studentofwater
Athena’s instagram: @doggessofwisdom