Looking for plant ecology technicians in Nevada


The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), is recruiting six Plant Ecology Technicians to join our AmeriCorps program to assist US Geological Survey researchers with all aspects of post-fire restoration and restoration plant materials development research projects in the Mojave Desert. These projects are designed to evaluate traditional and novel restoration practices based on ecological processes that influence natural recovery and evaluate locally-adapted plant materials used in arid land restoration through multiple common gardens across the Mojave Desert.



This is an AmeriCorps position, and candidates will receive a living stipend of $18,700 for the season. This is not an hourly wage or a salary and is paid to members every other week throughout the service term. Upon completion of AmeriCorps service, members shall receive an additional education award in the amount of $5,920 that can be used for paying off qualified student loans or paying tuition for a Title IV accredited college.

U.S. Geological Survey – Henderson, NV

1 year (1700 hour) term starting in early February 2019

How to Apply:
Please follow this link to apply directly through our online portal: http://crcareers.thegreatbasininstitute.org/careers/careers.aspx?rf=ECOLOG&req=2018-ACI-057