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Soil Ecology @ ESA 2017

Soil is important to ecology

Search for “soil” at ESA 2017 and find over 1000 abstracts!!!
Add your favorite modifier and see what you find.

Here are some sessions that included Soil Ecology (hint: click on the link, then ctrl-F “soil”):

OOS 3Delineating the Assembly Mechanisms Shaping Microbial Community Structure: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives of Novel Approaches
OOS 5 – Integrating Trait-Based Ecology Across Plants and Microbes to Predict Ecosystem Functioning
COS 1 – Agriculture I
COS 2 – Biodiversity I
COS 3 – Biogeochemistry: Aboveground-Belowground Interactions
COS 8 – Detritus And Decomposition
COS 12 – Grasslands/Steppe
COS 14Invasion I
COS 17 – Mycorrhizae
COS 21Remote Sensing And Image Analysis I

MONDAY PM posters
PS 1 – Biogeochemistry: Aboveground-Belowground Interactions
PS 2 – Biogeochemistry: Atmospheric N Deposition Effects
PS 3 – Biogeochemistry: Biogeo Patterns Along Environmental Gradients
PS 4 – Biogeochemistry: C And N Cycling In Response To Global Change
PS 5 – Biogeochemistry: Experimental Climate Change Effects On Biogeo Processes
PS 6 – Biogeochemistry: Linking Community Structure And Ecosystem Function
PS 7 – Biogeochemistry: New Paradigms In Biogeochem Cycling
PS 8 – Detritus And Decomposition
PS 10 – Ecosystem Function
PS 12Invasion: Dynamics, Population Processes
PS 13Invasion: Prevention And Management
PS 14Invasion: Species Interactions

PS 49Communities: Assembly And Neutral Theory
PS 50Communities: Disturbance And Recovery
PS 51Communities: Spatial Patterns And Environmental Gradients
PS 54Fire
PS 59Mycorrhizae
PS 61Species Interactions

COS 171Biogeochemistry: Experimental Climate Change Effects On Biogeo Processes
COS 172Biogeochemistry: Scaling Processes From Genes To Ecosystems
COS 173Climate Change II
COS 175Communities: Spatial Patterns And Environmental Gradients V
COS 176Communities: Succession
COS 185Forests: Tropical
COS 191Soil
OOS 46Cascading Effects of Large Mammalian Herbivores in Terrestrial Systems: Community-, Ecosystem- and Landscape-Level Consequences
OOS 48Plant-Soil Interactions in a Changing World: Exploring the Interface Between Global Change Drivers and Plant-Soil Feedbacks
SYMP 23Ecological Restoration for Multiple Ecosystem Services and the People Who Value Them