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SEEDS Forestry and Forest Ecology Toolkit


USA Forest

Richland Creek, Arkansas, USA. (Photograph by Wayne Angel)

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”John Muir


Dear students,

Welcome to the Forestry and Forest Ecology Toolkit, developed as part of the 2016 SEEDS Leadership Meeting! Here you will find information on a variety of important topics regarding this field, including characteristics of different kinds of forests, their ecological role, relevant issues such as deforestation and climate change, and much more. Please see below for an index of topics and feel free to explore! We also included links to further resources should you find something is of particular interest to you.

This project is made possible in part, through a grant from the US Forest Service.


Read more about forestry:

Introduction to Forestry


Roles of forests

Relevant issues 


What’s being done- forest policy

What we can do

Quotes and Facts 

Further sources

Forestry Careers