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Syracuse University 

Title: REU in Plant Invasions & Global Change


Description: The Becklin Lab at Syracuse University is sponsoring a SPUR fellow from June to August 2022 to conduct field research in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The fellow will live with other student researchers at the field site and work on an independent project exploring plant-soil feedbacks in an alpine ecosystem. Activities may include plant growth trials in the field or greenhouse; field-based measurements of plant or microbial function; and spatial analysis of plant and soil microbial communities. The fellow will join a vibrant research group and have opportunities to interact with community partners involved in land conservation in Colorado. The mentor (Katie Becklin) will join the SPUR fellow at the ESA conference in August.

Research Focus: Although the specific project depends on applicant interests, the Becklin lab is particularly interested in questions at the nexus of plant ecophysiology, microbial ecology, and environmental change. For example, to what extent do soil microbes buffer plants from environmental stress? Possible student projects include experiments to examine the effects of soil microbes on seed germination and growth; analysis of microbial abundance and function in different microenvironments; and comparison of plant function, distribution, or microbial associations in climate sensitive and insensitive plant species.

Location: Department of Biology, 107 College Place, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244

Start and End dates: 6/1/2022 – 8/19/2022

Fellowship positions available: 1

Are the dates flexible? Yes

Eligibility and Requirements: Applicant must be in good academic standing. 

Summer Stipend: $400.00/week for 12 weeks ($4800 total)

Other services provided: Housing is provided, Air fare/ mileage is provided, Ground transportation on site is provided if needed, Research materials or equipment are provided, There are other weekly educational opportunities on-site for students e.g. seminars, We have career development / awareness activities in place. Fellow will live with other researchers in a cabin with kitchen facilities. The fellow will be responsible for preparing their own meals.