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Contribute to the Henry L. Gholz SEEDS National Field Trip Endowment

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Payment Options

If you don’t wish to use a PayPal account, please note:

  1. PC and Chrome users, please ignore the PayPal login window and following the remaining instructions. If using MAC or other browsers, you may need to re-enter the amount you wish to contribute where it says “Price Per Item”. Then follow the remaining instructions.
  2. BELOW the PayPal login button: Look for the button that says “Pay with debit or credit card”
  3. Click on the “Pay with debit or credit card” button. (Please see image below.)

When you submit your name and amount here, you will be redirected to a new payment page to enter your credit card information. Simply follow the instructions above to contribute with your credit card. ESA accepts American Express, Master and VISA cards.  Different browsers may display information differently. If you have any difficulty in making your contribution online, please feel free to contact:

George Stephan

ESA SEEDS is grateful for all the donations and pledges that have already been received to establish the Henry L. Gholz Fund.