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2013-2014 Fellows

Fellows Sponsored by the Generous Contributions of ESA Members and the National Science Foundation

Anna Ortega
Fort Lewis College

Mentor: Dr. David Inouye, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Project Title: Variations in soil moisture availability affect nectar production of three subalpine plant species in the Family Ranunculaceae.

Anna is currently a junior at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Her major is Environmental and Organismic Biology, and she is also earning a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) certificate. She was born and raised in Durango, Colorado – a small southwestern town, adjacent to the desert country and high alpine mountains. Growing up, she had the opportunities of exploring the desert and mountains with her family and friends. In her words, “It was from my experiences in the wild that I became passionate about the environment and the natural world.”

Anna is interested in ecological research and conservation biology. She has studied birds and plant-pollinator interactions thus far in her undergraduate career, and she plans to allow her remaining undergraduate experiences refine and shape her academic interests. She loves being outside! She has also told us “I mountain bike, alpine ski, rock-climb, and backpack. I spend a portion of my summers hiking in the alpine tundra and climbing mountains – I have now climbed 36 Colorado 14ers and many other mountains. One of my many beliefs in life is to cherish every moment with the people you love and the activities you love doing. I think it is also important to keep your hearts and mind open to others and to love adventure.”

Dianne Quiroz
University of California Berkley

Mentor: Dr. Scott Mills, University of Montana

Project Title: Developing reliable covariates for survival analyses in snowshoe hares.

Dianne grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in Berkeley, CA. Even though she has pretty much lived in a city setting her entire life, she has always been attracted to wildlife and the outdoors. She is currently a junior at UC Berkley studying molecular environmental biology with a concentration on animal health and behavior. She is highly interested in population dynamics of vertebrate species as well as behavioral ecology. She wants to go to graduate school and focus her research on wildlife distributions and conservation of endangered species.During the course of her fellowship she hopes to study polar ecology specifically she wants to look at large mammal distributions and how they affected by climate change.

Yashira Cruz
University of Puerto Rico

Mentor: Dr. Raymond Carthy, University of Florida

Project Title: The effects of beach charasteristics on ghost crab (Ocypode quadrata) size and distribution

Yashira is a 19 year old Puerto Rican who was born and raised at the Eastern shore of the island. Her alma mater is the University of Puerto Rico, Humacoa Campus, where she is a sophomore studying Coastal Marine Biology. Her professional interests include education and outreach activities as well as research on marine ecology with a behavioral, community, populations, and conservation approach. She visualizes herself graduating from bachelors degree and moving on to a graduate program where she can continue gaining experience and knowledge and finally getting a PhD on marine ecology