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The SEEDS program offers three ways for you to promote your opportunity to over 3,000 underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in science, including the faculty advisors and members of our 80+ SEEDS Chapters.

1. The SEEDNouncements (previously Marketplace). We send an announcement of your opportunity directly to SEEDS students email inbox via a monthly SEEDS announcement, sent in the middle of each month. You simply provide the text in our prescribed format (click here to fill out the registration form).

  • Rates: $50 for the first month, $25 for each additional month.
  • For priority listing: add $50

2. An ad in the SEEDS newsletter. SEEDS Today is a SEEDS publication which goes out to over 5,000 contacts quarterly. Promote your opportunity or your organization in general by purchasing a tile ad. Tile ads can include text and your logo conforming to our size and format specifications (200X200 pixels).

  • Tile ad in opportunities section: $200 for one issue: $750 for a full year.

For a sample of an ad, please visit our Current SEEDS Newsletter. (Email for details:

3. SEEDS Diversity in Ecology Grad School and SEEDSNet Careers Fair at the ESA Annual Meeting.


Sponsorship opportunities are also available.