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2021 SEEDS National BioBlitz – Virtual Edition!

How to Participate:

  1. Create an iNaturalist account or login to an existing account on the website.
  2. Once logged in go to “Projects” and click on Start a Project.
  3. Choose a Collection Project
    1. Name: “SEEDS National BioBlitz 2021: your chapter name/institution”
      1. ex. “SEEDS National BioBlitz 2021: Crocodile College SEEDS Chapter”
    2. Upload a unique Project Icon/Banner and create a project description.
      1. Project Description example: “A BioBlitz focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a given area. It is usually done as a group effort in person but with the COVID-19 restrictions we are tapping into our SEEDS Chapter Network across the country to encourage interactions with nature while following social distancing guidelines! It is a competitive event – may the best chapter win.”
    3. Project Type: Collection
    4. Under Observation Requirements leave “Include Taxa” blank and
      1. Include Users – Your chapter members that wish to participate
      2. Include Places – either choose the local area around your institution or choose the entirety of the United States so that all your members can participate!
    5. Do not check the “Project Members Only” box and leave “None” on the With Annotations box.
    6. Data Quality: Select Research Grade, Needs ID, & Casual
    7. Media Type: Select Any
    8. Establishment Means: Select Any
    9. Date Observed: Range
      1. May 6th – May 21st  
    10. Trust: Check the “Allow members to trust this project with hidden coordinates”
    11. Choose your admins! (SEEDS Leaders & advisors)
      1. Add SEEDSBioBlitz as an admin.
  4.  Email with your project name to be added to the umbrella project.
  5. Share with your members!