Scientists in Parks Fellows Program is a great opportunity for students to gain experience tackling new management issues while working in a national park. This highly competitive program is looking for the most qualified students who are also interested in a professional career in the federal service. 

That being said, we know applying to internships can be challenging, but we are here to help! Check out these past informational webinars and the application tips listed below to help you get prepared to apply.

Past Informational Webinars: 

Inside the head of a SIP Fellows Mentor
This webinar was held on 1/10/22, a recording will be coming soon! 

This webinar will feature some of our favorite people, the past mentors. Come have a conversation with them about what it takes to get selected into the program. Ask questions like: What qualifications do supervisors look for in their applicants? Does experience level really matter? and Do you actually like wearing those funny hats! 

Interning in the National Parks: An SIP Fellow Spotlight
Are you looking for more information on how to apply? Do you want to know what the experience was like from the alumni’s perspective? Join us for an informational webinar featuring two 2021 SIP Fellows, as they discuss their projects and what it was like to work in a National Park this past summer. We will also highlight the 2022 program details, number of available positions, application tips, and much more!

Here’s a list of application tips to consider while applying

  1. Be sure to read very carefully
    • The project description to which you are applying
    • The eligibility rules
    • The application system instructions
  2. Write great essays
    • Highlight skills and experience that are directly relevant to the project(s) to which you are applying. Make sure we can also find it on your resume or CV!
    • Speak to your career aspirations to work with public lands management
    • Point to experience managing projects, working in a team, and working independently to meet goals
  3. Write a great resume/CV
    • Make it easy for us to see your relevant coursework, skills, and experience (academic, professional, volunteer, or otherwise)
  4. Increase your chances by considering
    • Less famous parks
    • Only positions that fit your existing (not future) skills.
  5. Hound your references
    • Your reference will receive a link to independently submit their letter of recommendation
    • These letters must be submitted by January 31st.