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Participant Resources

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Resources For Participants

Background reading provided prior to the webinar

Ebert-May et al. 2004 (PDF)

Webinar presentation slides

An overview on the EcoTrends Web Portal: An Opportunity for Discovery and Exploration of Long-term Ecological Data by Teachers and Students (PDF)

Guide to Using Ecotrends (PDF)

Pre-workshop assignment: Inductive Inquiry in Our Terabyte Playground (PDF)

Background reading and references that may be useful between the webinar and workshop

Ecology in a connected world: a vision for a “network of networks” Peters et. al (PDF), referenced in the homework assignment presentation

NEON summary document (PDF, link to NEON page)

Summary of NRC grand challenges on climate variability and land use dynamics from NRC (Executive summary: link to PDF)

Education using Continental-scale Data conceptual framework FED webpage

Homework examples from October 2008 workshop

Note: we used 3 different data sources for that workshop, so the examples draw from EcoTrends as well as other sources. As you can see the lengths and formats vary depending on what each participant wanted to do.

Example 1 PDF ; Max Taub, using EcoTrends and Land Use Analysis Package)

Example 2 PDF; Tom Langen, Time series Ocean Temp and Sea Level

Example 3 PDF Denny S. Fernandez de Viso, using EcoTrends and Forest Inventory Analysis)

Example 4 PDF; Jerry Griffith, using USGS data

Example 5 PDF; Mary McKenna, using EcoTrends data)



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