Student Award Judges

Sign up to be a judge for student presentations (Buell/Braun)!

We are seeking judges to help us evaluate virtual student presentations for this year’s Buell and Braun Awards.  These awards recognize the most outstanding student presentations at each year’s meeting.  The deadline for students to apply to be judged at the virtual meeting was in February 2020.

What do judges do?

Judges are expected to view and ask questions about the presentations they sign up for, as well as complete a short online form afterward to assign scores and provide a few constructive comments. We ask that each judge sign up for at least 5 presentations to judge over the course of the meeting. Instructions will be emailed to all judges the week of July 27 including a description of the criteria and links to the online judging forms.

Papers and posters are judged in five equally weighted categories:

  • significance of ideas
  • creativity
  • quality of methodology
  • validity of conclusions drawn from results
  • clarity of presentation.

Some tips to help things go more smoothly

  • Students are not eligible to serve as judges.
  • You should not sign up to judge people who would present a conflict of interest for you (e.g., an advisee, member of your research group, close collaborator, personal friends, someone whose thesis committee you serve on, etc.)

How do I sign up?

To sign up, email Danielle Slatkin (, ESA’s Meetings Assistant, and a link to the judging schedule will be sent to you starting in June.
Please sign up no later than July 24.