Cancellation Policy

Cancelling meeting registration is separate from cancelling a presentation.
Cancelling one does not necessarily cancel the other.

How to cancel meeting registration

Deadline: July 16, 2020Two meeting attendees wait between sessions.

Written request of registration cancellation must be emailed to the ESA Registrar.

For questions regarding registration/cancellation, please email the ESA Registrar or call (202) 833-8773 x219.

How to cancel a presentation

Deadline: June 4, 2020

Presenters should cancel in writing by emailing Jennifer Riem. Please include the abstract ID so that we can make sure we note the correct presentation. A presenter from the 2019 annual meeting presents before a full auditorium.If you are not sure what the abstract ID is, check any recent email regarding your presentation, which should include it. As a courtesy we ask that any presenters with uncertainty regarding their presentation to cancel by June 4 if at all possible.

A replacement speaker is allowed (and encouraged) if a speaker’s plans change unexpectedly after June 4. In such cases the presenting author should attempt to find another person to make the presentation on their behalf. A coauthor is ideal, but the substitute speaker does not necessarily need to be a coauthor.