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Join the new mentor-mentee program in the Ecological Restoration Section!

Learn from folks with restoration experience about how they found their career path, what experiences have been most rewarding, what topics they think need the most attention from future generations of ESA restoration ecologists.

Participating as a mentee will entail:

  • Meeting with a mentor at least once during the week at ESA (over coffee, a meal, a walk).
  • Getting to ask the mentor questions you may have about your research and career path, while learning more about theirs
  • Developing a contact who you can call on for future questions as you continue to develop your career

Participating as a mentor will entail:

  • Meeting with a mentee at least once during the week at ESA (over coffee, a meal, a walk).
  • Sharing your experience and excitement about restoration with the mentee
  • Being available to answer questions your mentee has as they continue pursuing their restoration goals
  • Working with your mentee to set up a meeting time during ESA

To make sure we create productive matches, provide a little more information about yourself:

  • What type of research are you interested in?
  • What ecosystems do you work in?
  • What is your current career or career goal?
  • Contact information (email, cell #)
  • contact Kris Hulvey if you’re interested in participating!

See you in Portland!

Kris, Elise, & Jonathan


  • We will host a mixer/business meeting at the upcoming ESA meeting in Portland. At the meeting you will get a chance to mingle with fellow section members as well as nominate folks for leadership positions and share symposia and field trip ideas for the next ESA meeting.
  • Our section is sponsoring a symposium at the upcoming ESA meeting! The symposium is entitled“Ecological Restoration for Multiple Ecosystem Services and the People Who Value Them”. See you there on Friday from 8:00 – 11:30!
  • Our section is proud to offer our first student poster award. Three awards will be available to student members of the ecological restoration section. Students posters will be judged at the ESA poster session and points will be awarded based on content and design, and relevance to restoration. The winner will receive a $300 check, 2nd place will receive a $200 check and 3rd place will receive a $100 check after the meeting. To submit your poster for consideration, please email Elise Gornish ( with your name, poster title and poster session number. 
  • The section needs a logo! Design one for us and if we pick it, we will award you with $150!!
  • We would like to set up a small mentorship program where established section members can meet with student section members at least once outside of the mixer to discuss project ideas and career opportunities. If you are interested in being a mentor, or a mentee, please email Kris Hulvey (


  • The Restoration Ecology section mixer will be held on Tuesday Aug 9th at the ESA meeting in Fort Lauderdale.
  • We have sponsored a symposium for the 2016 ESA meeting: “Social-Ecological Systems in Restoration and Conservation”. See you there on Monday, August 8 2016 from 1:30 – 5:00!
  • May 2016 – Our section will be presenting at the California section of SER
  • April 2016 – A poster highlighting our new section will be presented at the Pacific Northwest section of SER

Restoration Section Poster


  • August 2015 – Our section was officially organized at the 2015 meeting of the Ecological Society of America!