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Dear ESA Rangeland Ecology Section Members,

Greetings from your section executive committee members:  Chair David Augustine, Vice-chair Peter Adler, Secretary Mari-Vaughn Johnson, and Past-chair Lizzie King.

It was great to see many of you last week at the Society for Range Management meeting in Sacramento! For those of you who missed it, a few highlights included multiple symposia addressing collaborative, adaptive management of rangelands, two symposia on conservation and ecology of the sagebrush steppe, symposia and workshops addressing use of ecological site descriptions, and a long list of technical sessions on rangeland ecology.  The program and abstracts can still be accessed at:

Over the past several years, our section has worked to increase awareness and membership in the section.  As part of this effort, we had a booth at the recent SRM meeting in Sacramento, provided materials on ESA and our section, and had a great time meeting the many folks (especially many graduate students) that stopped by to try our rangeland ecology trivia quiz.   Thanks to Aaron Rhoades, Justin Derner, and Savannah Warwick for their help with this effort.

For the upcoming centennial ESA meeting in Baltimore, the section has several planning efforts. 

  1. We will again have a booth at the meeting to further our outreach effort.  If you would be willing to help with the booth this year, please email
  2. Second, the section has sponsored an organized oral session (organized by Peter Adler) titled “From Drought to Deluge: Evolutionary Lessons for Natural Resource Management in an Increasingly Variable World”.   We look forward to seeing many of you there.
  3. We also plan to have our annual business meeting at lunchtime on Monday at the annual meeting.  The business meeting will be our primary opportunity to discuss future symposia and organized oral sessions, so please come with ideas!  Details on exact time and location will be in the meeting program.
  4. We will again sponsor travel grants for graduate students at the annual ESA meeting.  The announcement should be posted on the ESA website in April or May, and we’d welcome any assistance from section members willing to judge the applications.  Encourage your students to apply!

Finally we will hold elections for the section officers before the annual meeting in August, so please be thinking about nominations or volunteers!


David, Peter, Mari-Vaughn, & Lizzie


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