2020 Student & Practitioner Registration Awards  **Due 6/24/2020**

The Rangeland Ecology section invites applications for registration funding for the 2020 Annual Meeting. The section will award registrations to 8 individuals, prioritizing  students, farmers, and ranchers from Black communities, Native American communities, and all other communities of color.   The awards are open to all applicants with an interest in rangelands, regardless of whether they will be presenting at the meeting.

The meeting will be fully virtual this year from August 3–6 in response to the pandemic. The virtual meeting will provide four days of inspiration and community, an opportunity to focus on your interests, research, and your career, and a way to connect with the community of ESA rangeland ecologists, students, colleagues, and leaders from across the field. Meeting registration provides you:

  • A plenary video each day of the meeting, followed by live Q&A with the keynote speaker.
  • A live virtual panel focused on an emerging topic.
  • More than 3,000 talks and posters available on demand (during and after the meeting dates).
  • Asynchronous Q&A for all presentations.
  • Live video networking sessions each day.
  • Career Central talks available on demand (during and after the meeting dates).
  • Exhibits to learn more about important products, software and services.

See the virtual meeting FAQs to read more about the format.

To apply, please send a 1-2 paragraph statement to the section’s Student Liaison, Joseph Gazing Wolf, at shunkaha3@nullgmail.com. Explain your interest in rangelands and why it is important for you to attend the meeting.  Application deadline is June 24, 2020.