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Featured ESA Journal Articles on Soil, Crop and Agricultural Science

a row of cabbage in a farmer's field

We’re very glad that you’re interested in learning more about ESA and our work, including the science that we publish in our journals. Our editorial team specially selected these articles as examples of great research in soil, crop and agricultural science that has been published in our journals.

Journal Paper Metrics

Ecology, 2018

Soil multifunctionality and drought resistance are determined by plant structural traits in restoring grassland

Altmetrics 55
Citations 21

Ecological Applications, 2022

Soil Heating in Fire (SheFire): A model and measurement method for estimating soil heating and effects during wildland fires

Altmetrics 15

Frontiers, 2014

Putting meaning back into “sustainable intensification”

Citations 205

Ecosphere, 2015

Direct and indirect effects of climate change on soil microbial and soil microbial-plant interactions: What lies ahead?

Altmetrics 32
Citations 6
Accesses 7,851

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