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Featured ESA Journal Articles on Landscape Ecology & Architecture

a cityscape of Chicago with green gardens and healthy ponds in the foreground

We’re very glad that you’re interested in learning more about ESA and our work, including the science that we publish in our journals. Our editorial team specially selected these articles as examples of great research in landscape ecology and architecture that has been published in our journals.

Journal Paper Metrics

Ecological Applications, 2020

Smokey the Beaver: beaver-dammed riparian corridors stay green during wildfire throughout the western United States

Altmetrics 646
Citations 14
Accesses 5,609

Ecological Applications, 2021

A room with a green view: the importance of nearby nature for mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Altmetrics 517
Citations 68
Accesses 12,685

Ecological Applications, 2018

A city-scale assessment reveals that native forest types and overstory species dominate New York City forests

Altmetrics 53
Citations 27

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