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Science Office Staff

We advance science by connecting ecologists with managers, government agencies, and others who need their expertise. We help position ecologists as credible sources of information about the complexity of ecological systems through our collaborations with federal and state agencies, individual government scientists, and NGOs.

Portrait image of Jill Parsons.
Jill Petraglia Parsons
Associate Director of Science Programs
202.833.8773, ext. 209
Portrait image of Maria Sharova.
Maria Sharova
Science Programs Specialist
202.833.8773, ext. 221

Science Committee

Diane Pataki, University of Utah, Vice President for Science (2019-2022) 

Becky Ball, Arizona State University (2019-2022)

Valerie Eviner, University of California, Davis (2019-2022)

Kelly Garbach, Independent Consultant (2019-2022)

Alan Knapp, Colorado State University (2019-2022)

Diogo Borges Provete, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, (2019-2022)

Chris Shadt, Oak Ridge National Lab, (2019-2022)

Matthew Schuler, Montclair State University (2019-2022)

Quadri Anibaba, University of Jos Biological Conservatory (2020-2021)