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Online Teaching

We understand and would like to make things a little easier for you. In response to the mounting pressure for faculty to switch to online teaching within a very short time, we have compiled some resources that have come to our attention. This is not an exhaustive list but is  an attempt to help point you in the right direction. Thank you for your hard work. Let us know how we can help!  gro.asenull@noitacude

Ants feeding on nectar produced by extrafloral nectaries on an acacia plant. Photo by: Ken Klemow

Practical Advice

These resources illustrate how to transform your classroom into an online teaching and learning environment. Topics include:

  • general advice
  • inclusive strategies
  • accessibility
  • templates to get you started

List of Helpful Links


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Partner Resources

Sheep graze on a ridge at sunset in front of the Qilian Mountain Range Photo: Julia A. Klein

ESA Partner Resources


Great Blue Heron capturing a fish. Photo: Christopher Lepczyk

Join a Community

Sharing Resources

Here are lists of resources and ideas from the community to support online teaching. In these lists, you will find General Resources; Lectures; Online Labs; Online Field Resources; Literature; Videos; Guest Lectures etc. 

ESA offers a place to share resources: 

Submit offers of assistance  View offers of assistance 

Other lists:

Ecology and Environmental Science Materials for Teaching Online

Collection of Online Teaching Resources – for all disciplines

LTER Online Teaching Resources


Submit Resources to the EcoEd Digital Library

Search, access and submit peer-reviewed teaching resources to ESA’s EcoEdDL.  Join our online EcoEdlist and forum to pose questions and receive up to date information in your inbox. 

EcoEd Digital Library

EcoEdlist and community forum

Align Online Courses to the 4DEE Framework


The Four-Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) framework was endorsed by ESA in Fall of 2018. It can be used as a guide for undergraduate curricula.  We welcome ideas on how online teaching can be aligned with 4DEE.

Four-Dimensional Ecology Education Framework