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Committee on Diversity and Education

The Committee on Diversity and Education (CDE) guides and helps implement the Society’s efforts to promote excellence in ecology education at all levels, develop programs that enhance recruitment, training and retention of women and minorities in the ecological sciences, and create a scientific environment that embraces diversity and allows all professionals to flourish.

The Vice President for Education and Human Resources serves as Chair of the Committee.  The President of the Society shall be a voting, ex officio member, and the Executive Director and an education staff designee of the Executive Director shall be non-voting, ex officio members.  

CDE Mission Statement

Fostering collaboration, promoting diversity, and advancing education

CDE Strategic Plan

Download the CDE Strategic Plan 2016-2018 [PDF]

The Committee on Diversity and Education developed a new strategic plan at their retreat in October 2015.   This document is intended to be a living document. Periodic updates of progress will be posted when ready. If you are interested in learning how to contribute to the implementation of this plan, please contact Nalini Nadkarni, VP for Education and Human Resources. 

Priority Goals for CDE

  1. Enhance public awareness of and engagement with ecology
  2. Disseminate best practices in ecology to attract a continuing supply of new ecologists
  3. Diversify ESA membership, the population of ecologists, and the range of publics whom we reach
  4. Shape the CDE as a hub to coordinate and amplify impacts of events and initiatives
  5. Measure and understand the efficacy and extent of the impacts of CDE activities to create improved programs and best use resources into the future. 

VP for Education and Human Resources 

2018-2021 Pamela Templer, Boston University

Committee Members

Betsy Bancroft, Gonzaga University (2016-2021)
Leonardo Calle, Montana State University, Student Section (2017-present)
Tiffany Carey, National Wildlife Federation, Great Lakes Regional Center, Inclusive Ecology section (2018)
David Hawthorne, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) (2018-2021)
Bethann Garramon Merkle, University of Wyoming (2017-present)
Tim Nuttle, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc, Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section (2016-present)
George Middendorf, Howard University, Environmental Justice Section (2008-present)
Kathy Shea, St Olaf College, Education Section (2018)
Senay Yitbarek, University of California-Berkeley, Black Ecologists Section (2018)


Committee Reports

2018 CDE Report to the Governing Council. ESA Bulletin October 2018. pp. 33-35

2017 CDE Report to the Governing Council. ESA Bulletin October 2017. pp. 49-51

2016 CDE Report to the Governing Council. ESA Bulletin October 2016. pp. 42-44

2015 CDE Report to the Governing Council.  ESA Bulletin October 2015. pp. 38-41.