Submit a Proposal for an Invited Session

We invite proposals for Symposia, Organized Oral Sessions, and Inspire Sessions for the 2023 ESA Annual Meeting, to be held August 6-11, 2023. The meeting theme is ESA for All Ecologists. As a pilot this year, these session types can be proposed for traditional in-person sessions as well as hybrid sessions.

Although session proposals related to the meeting’s theme are encouraged, any timely and coherent subject of broad interest to ecologists will be considered. Proposals will be reviewed using criteria described in the proposal calls.

Proposals must be submitted here by Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 5:00 PM Eastern Time (2:00 Pacific Time). No late or emailed proposals will be considered.

About Symposia

Symposia are the scientific centerpiece of the meeting. Each symposium consists of 4 talks, each scheduled for a 20 minute timeslot (15 minute talk + 5 minutes for Q&A) and ends with a 10 minute discussion. Symposia are distinguished from other organized sessions in that they are more explicitly integrated, provide an overall synthesis on their topic, and have broad enough appeal to generate large audiences at the meeting.

About Organized Oral Sessions

Organized oral sessions consist of 6 talks, each 15 minutes in length (12 minute talk + 3 minute Q&A). There is no discussion time for an organized oral session outside of the Q&A at the end of each talk. Organized oral sessions are distinguished from symposia in that there is less emphasis on breadth of appeal and overall synthesis. Unlike symposia, a strong organized oral session proposal may be comprised largely of related case studies.

About Inspire Sessions

Inspire sessions are Ignite-style sessions intended to stimulate the exchange of new and exciting ideas in a short time period. Each Inspire session consists of between six and ten 5-minute talks organized to address a common theme. Each Inspire talk will feature 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. Unlike other session types, there is not time after each individual talk for Q&A. An extended Q&A and discussion will take place at the end of the session with the time remaining after talks are completed, typically at least 30 minutes.

About In-person Sessions

In a traditional in-person invited paper session, all speakers will present in person in Portland. We are unable to accommodate any remote presentations (live or prerecorded) for this session type.

About Hybrid Sessions

We are preparing to enable 3 hybrid concurrent sessions each day Monday to Thursday.

Hybrid sessions will include a mixture of speakers who present in person in the session room in Portland and speakers who present remotely through Zoom from any location. Remote speakers will present live through Zoom. A strong proposal for a hybrid invited paper session will broaden participation and increase inclusion through remote participation and focus on a topic that will be of strong interest to a livestreaming audience.

Hybrid sessions will take place in a room with professional A/V staff and equipment to allow remote presentations and remote participation by attendees. All presentations in hybrid sessions will be livestreamed through the meeting website so that registered attendees can watch the session online as it happens. Speakers in Portland will be filmed as they present. All presenters will be able to answer questions from the audience in real time. If technical constraints allow, we are planning to record these sessions to make them available to all registered attendees on demand.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Local Host

Tim Nuttle PhD CSE CWB

Principal, Oikos Ecology LLC


Meetings Team

Ecological Society of America