Nominations for Section Officers are Open through September 10!

All of the section officers are up for election! We are looking for a Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary. The Chair is a one year term (Fall 2015 – Summer 2016), the Chair-Elect is a two year term (Chair-Elect Fall 2015-Summer 2016, Chair Fall 2016-Summer 2017), and the Secretary is a one year term (Fall 2015-Summer 2016). A full description of officer duties can be found in our section bylaws. If you would like to talk more about the duties of any of these officers, please contact Emily Cloyd (, 202.419.3484).

These positions and the section as a whole are really what the individuals and officers make of it. The Policy Section is still fairly new and is growing rapidly (we’ve doubled our membership in the last year!), and a complete set of officers plus additional volunteers to work on particular projects is essential to the section’s vitality. Officers work with section members and with ecologists from across the Society on policy-related activities throughout the year. Serving as a section officer is a great way to get more involved in the section, and all section members are eligible to run for a position, regardless of career stage or length of previous section membership.

Nominations for each of the three positions are open through Thursday, September 10. To nominate another individual, send an email to Emily Cloyd ( with the person’s name, contact information, and position for which s/he is being nominated. Candidates will be asked to accept the nomination and provide a short (~ 1-2 paragraph) statement providing the candidate’s background and reasons s/he desires to run for the position. Individuals may also self-nominate using our member survey.