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Petition to Create a New ESA Section for Women in (Soil) Ecology

To create spaces for those identifying as women to build a strong community and further the fight for equity in science, Women in Soil Ecology seeks to create a section in ESA to serve ecologists who identify as women who work in ecology across all sectors, with a particular focus on early career members and those focused on soil ecology. Toward this aim, we, the undersigned, support the creation of a section dedicated to supporting these scientists within ESA’s membership.

Women remain underrepresented in soil science, particularly at higher levels including editorial boards, senior faculty, and conference keynote speakers. 

For clarity, we use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “women.” We welcome trans women, genderqueer, and non-binary people.

The benefits of a section include:

  • A dedicated voice representing the interests of women in our field on the ESA Council
  • Dues money for projects to benefit members of the section
  • Create a permanent home for the existing Women in Soil Ecology (WiSE) network
  • Increased engagement from ESA members in WiSE’s existing network and mentorship program
  • New networking for women and career path support for early-career members

All ESA members who support these goals are encouraged to sign this petition; it does not obligate one to join the section if approved by Council.

Petition to Create a New ESA Section for Women in (Soil) Ecology

Petition to Create a New ESA Section for Women in (Soil) Ecology

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By checking this box, you certify that you, a member of the Ecological Society of America, support the creation of a section for women in ecology, with emphases on soil science and early career scientists