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Meet Stacy Philpott

A posed professional photo of Stacy Philpott

Dr. Stacy Philpott completed her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Washington, and then went on to complete her Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Michigan. For her outstanding contributions in ecology, specifically in the areas of agroecology, trophic interactions, community assembly, insect ecology, and relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services; and for significant contributions in teaching, mentoring, curriculum development, and promoting women and students of color, she was elected an ESA fellow in 2021.

Stacy’s research is centered around at the “intersection of agroecology and conservation biology and is generally aimed at understanding how agroecological management of farms and landscapes can contribute to biodiversity conservation, sustainable agricultural production, and to improvement of farmer well-being.”  One of the deciding factors of her research themes and projects is the desire to advance the knowledge of basic ecological principals and find practical ways to apply it. Two projects that display applications of her research are her coffee agroecosystems in Mexico and urban agroecosystems in California.

Stacy has been a member of ESA since she was a graduate student in 2000.  She really enjoys attending the annual meetings because they are, “a great opportunity to see old friends, have work meetings with colleagues in ongoing collaborations, and to meet new people, such as, prospective postdoc advisors, prospective students, and those whose work you’ve read and admired.”  Stacy often attends the meetings which she finds to be inspiring. But overall, her favorite aspects of attending are lingering in the hallways chatting after a neat learning experience and going on field trips to new sites. She also enjoys reading ESA’s abundant journal publications.

Stacy on Instagram: @philpottsm