Profile of Dr. Nancy Grimm

School of Life Sciences
Faculty of Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Science
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-4501
Phone: (480) 965-4735
Fax: (480) 965-6899

Current Position: Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Science; Co-Director, Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research Project

Education: Ph.D., Zoology, Arizona State University

Dr. Grimm’s research concerns the structure and function of ecosystems in arid lands. Her current research focuses on nitrogen cycling and retention in fragmented habitats. Current projects in Dr. Grimm’s research group are 1) plant-microbe-soil interactions and nitrogen transformations in a riparian ecosystem (San Pedro River, AZ); 2) nitrate retention in urban, agricultural, and unmodified streams of the American Southwest; 3) biogeochemistry and hot spots of nitrogen transformation in urban landscapes; and 4) effects of urban atmospheric deposition on biogeochemical cycling in deserts.

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